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To celebrate 10,000 subscribers, we’re doing a live Q&A this Friday.

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Espresso Opskrifter: Tid

Espresso Recipes: Time

Time is the third variable in our espresso equation, and the last one that you should be manipulating.

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Espresso-opskrifter: forståelse af udbytte

Espresso Recipes: Understanding Yield

Yield is a compromise between extraction & strength. More of one comes at the expense of the other. If you’re ever frustrated by espresso, this may be why


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Espresso Opskrifter: Måling af udbytte

Espresso Recipes: Measuring Yield

After Strength, the 2nd step to every good espresso recipe is yield. Yield is the amount of espresso in the cup after extraction. It’s measured by weight though—definitely not volume.

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Espresso Opskrifter: Styrke

Espresso Recipes: Strength

In this continuation of our Espresso Recipes series, we break down one of the most oft-misunderstood concepts in espresso: Strength.

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Annullering af USBC-regioner

USBC Regionals Cancellation

The Specialty Coffee Association of America announced this week that they were planning to cancel the US regional Barista and Brewer’s Cup competitions in favor of a single national championship.

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The Cowculator - Del 2

The Cowculator – Part 2

An interactive calculator for finding the exact breakdown of your milky coffee drinks, plus some exciting Hustle news!

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The Hustle Expands

Exciting news to share: Alex Bernson is officially coming on as the Editor of Barista Hustle.

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The Cowculator - Del 1

The Cowculator – Part 1

Milk is complex. This post breaks milk down and explains each of its components: fat, sugar, protein and “ash”.

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For en god puck

For a Good Puck

You can stop worrying about sloppy, soggy, watery pucks because there’s nothing wrong!

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Alt er en blanding

Everything is a Blend

Every coffee is some kind of blend. This post details how processes at the farm affect evenness, with help from producer Aida Batlle.

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